Arnold finally comes to TV in Netflix’s FUBAR

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Arnold Schwarzenegger, possibly nan past moving entertainer to person a agelong and fruitful career that spawned many catchphrases, is making his measurement to nan 1 spot he hasn’t flexed connected yet: scripted television. He will prima successful FUBAR, a caller action-comedy coming to Netflix successful May.

FUBAR, an acronym for fucked up beyond each repair (though it could mean thing different successful nan show — Fun Ultimate Badass Arnold Ruckus, maybe), is created by TV writer Nick Santora (Prison Break, Reacher). Described by Santora arsenic “a CIA spy drama mixed pinch heart-stopping action,” specifications are beautiful slim beyond nan truth that hey: Arnold is coming to TV! That’s tight, yeah? (It is.)

The announcement teaser for nan show doesn’t really connection overmuch much than that, showing disconnected a little montage of Arnold doing very Arnold things – lighting a cigar, firing a gun, driving a car very accelerated — and past getting slapped successful nan jimmy, conscionable truthful you cognize that nan show will beryllium funny, too.

“Everywhere I go, group inquire maine erstwhile I’m going to do different large action drama for illustration True Lies,” the action prima said via property release. “Well, present it is. FUBAR will footwear your ass and make you laughter — and not conscionable for 2 hours. You get a full season.”

Unfortunately, Arnold has not yet said really agelong nan play will be, but we’ll return arsenic overmuch arsenic we tin get. Did you cognize he’s sewage a fitness newsletter these days? It’s beautiful fun.

FUBAR will premiere connected Netflix connected May 25.