Apple taps new suppliers for iPhone 15 Pro Max's periscope camera - news -

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For months present determination person been reports that Apple is moving connected equipping the iPhone 15 Pro Max (and lone the Pro Max) with a periscope lens. However, it seems that its existent suppliers weren’t up to the task, truthful Cupertino had to find caller partners.

According to The Elec, Apple volition root OIS actuators for the periscope module from LG Innotek and Jahwa Electronics, the 2 companies volition proviso 70% and 30% of the components, respectively.

Jahwa has been moving with Samsung Electronics and Samsung Electro-Mechanics connected actuators based connected shot guides. The institution volition reportedly proviso Samsung with components for the upcoming Galaxy S23 bid arsenic good arsenic the Galaxy A54, which leaked past week.

Periscope modules designed by LG Innotek Periscope modules designed by LG Innotek

Apple’s existent suppliers – Alps Alpine and Mizumi – present spring-type actuators for the iPhone cameras. However, the shot usher actuators are faster, much close and usage little power, which is wherefore Apple is making the switch.

Both LG Innotek and Jahwa Electronics person made important investments successful their camera components facilities. These actuators volition reportedly beryllium rather lucrative for the 2 companies.

Apple’s archetypal periscope lens volition get aboriginal this twelvemonth with the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Fans of the smaller Pro volition person to hold until adjacent twelvemonth and the iPhone 16 bid to get the longer zoom. The caller vanilla iPhone models are looking astatine integer zoom by switching to 48MP main cameras, yet leaving the 12MP sensors successful the past.

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