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01/17 Update below. This station was primitively published connected January 14

iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models are suffering from a bizarre occupation that causes horizontal lines to flash crossed their displays. Apple has present confirmed the contented and revealed it is moving connected a fix.

In an interior Apple memo seen by MacRumors, which I person verified, the institution admits that customers whitethorn “report that erstwhile they powerfulness connected oregon unlock their phone, they concisely spot horizontal lines flash crossed the screen.”

Problems for iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro buyers proceed to mount...

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Crucially, Apple has ruled retired a hardware flaw that whitethorn person prompted a recall, saying successful the memo that it “is alert of the contented and a bundle update is coming soon that volition resoluteness the issue."

When is “coming soon”? The evident reply would look to beryllium iOS 16.3, which is presently successful beta testing, but that seems unlikely. This large update has lone conscionable entered its 2nd nationalist beta, and Apple typically releases 4 to six betas arsenic good arsenic a ‘Release Candidate’ earlier launch. Consequently, I would not expect iOS 16.3 to get earlier precocious February.

More likely, is iOS 16.2.1. While iOS 16.2 was comparatively stable, determination are inactive bugs from the troubled iOS 16 launch, which Apple is addressing successful a bid of ‘minor point’ releases. It is uncommon for Apple to publically beta trial insignificant constituent updates, truthful a dedicated hole could motorboat arsenic soon arsenic the institution is ready.

01/16 Update: In a caller report, MacRumors states that a “plethora of bugs” are being reported by iPhone owners moving iOS 16, a fig of which are circumstantial to the iPhone 14 range. These see sluggish keyboard response, camera freezes, idiosyncratic interface glitches (some genuinely bizarre) and more. The study links to galore Reddit, forum and societal media complaints.

MacRumors besides points to comments by a trio of influential tech YouTubers, whose tweets astir iOS 16.2 — the latest mentation of iOS 16 — and iPhone 14 models picked up sizeable momentum implicit the past 48 hours. “More and much radical support telling maine each the issues with iOS 16.2,” tweeted Aaron Zollo of Zollotech. “Hope we get a large bug hole soon. Hearing this much each day.”

A poll by Rjey Tech recovered 44% of iPhone owners reported much app crashes since updating to iOS 16.2, portion Tom ‘The Tech Chap’ Honeyands tweeted that “My iPhone 14 pro max is acold the buggiest iPhone I’ve utilized successful a LONG time... Is it conscionable me?? (iOS 16.2)” and received thousands of hundreds of responses confirming his suspicions.

Apple has enactment to do, and with iOS 16.3 inactive weeks distant from release, I would expect the merchandise of iOS 16.2.1 sooner alternatively than later.

01/17 Update: Sources person updated maine that Apple is moving to person a hole for the horizontal lines bug, which it aims to merchandise successful an iOS 16.2.1 update arsenic accelerated arsenic possible. The institution is besides looking to code respective different issues from the iOS 16.2 merchandise arsenic a priority, but immoderate hold volition spot them pushed into iOS 16.3, which is already scheduled to motorboat adjacent month.

iOS 16.3 is simply a large release, adding important caller functionality. This includes integrating adjacent parking options into Apple Maps, usability improvements to Emergency SOS calls, enactment for third-party information keys alternatively of two-factor authentication, and caller notifications for HomePod Handoffs.

The past of these is apt to get up of Apple’s archetypal caller HomePod since 2020, which Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman revealed yesterday, should “be coming reasonably soon.” Details stay unusually sparse for an seemingly imminent product, with rumors claiming it volition regenerate the archetypal HomePod, alternatively than beryllium an update to the newer HomePod Mini, but small other is known.

An iPhone 14 Pro affected by the caller horizontal lines show bug


The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max person had a buggy commencement to life. For those keeping count, you tin adhd this show occupation to a database that includes iMessage and FaceTime activation issues, CarPlay, information migration and iCloud bugs, shaking camera lenses, random restarts, lock surface and Dynamic Island glitches and excessive artillery drain.

With exciting iPhone 15 leaks already appearing, anyone inactive sitting connected the obstruction whitethorn similar to propulsion their upgrades a generation. But for iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max owners, astatine slightest you cognize the latest successful a agelong enactment of fixes is not acold away.


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