Wednesday January 18, 2023 12:44 americium PST by Sami Fathi

Apple is facing disapproval online for offering mediocre Mac trade-in values pursuing this week's motorboat of caller MacBook Pro and Mac mini models.

apple silicon mac lineup wwdc 2022 diagnostic purple
Yesterday, MKBHD researcher David Imel tweeted that Apple offers conscionable $970 successful trade-in recognition for a Mac Pro configuration that it inactive sells for $52,199. The viral tweet caused an uproar among Twitter users towards Apple's trade-in program: "That's a slap successful the face," said 1 user. "Apple trade-ins person ever been boo boo. I'm amazed you thought you would get adjacent 1/5 of the price," different 1 said.

Fun fact: If you plug successful a 4 twelvemonth aged $50,000+ Mac Pro into Apple's trade-in site, you don't adjacent get capable recognition to bargain an iPhone 14 Pro — Marques Brownlee (@MKBHD) January 17, 2023

This is brutal: MacBook Pro M1 Max 10-Core CPU and 24-Core GPU 16" (Late 2021) 4TB SSD Apple trade-in: CAD 720 (USD 540). I don’t cognize what to say. ‍♂️ — Jason ‍❄️ (@jasonbshew) January 17, 2023

these pome trade-in prices are hilarious — Jason Million (@JMillionNYC) January 17, 2023

Apple is moving a scam. The M1 Max, maxed retired banal configuration was selling for AED14,799 until yesterday earlier the caller M2 versions came out. Look astatine the trade-in worth of the M1 Max 16-inch 2021 MacBook Pro... — Vaibhav Pradip (@VaibhZ_JCVP11) January 17, 2023

Hey @Apple, $285 trade-in for a max-spec 16" M1 MBP successful bully information is the astir hilariously atrocious connection I've ever seen successful my life. — matt.ts (@mattisadev) January 17, 2023

On Reddit, users besides piled on, sharing their past experiences with Apple's trade-in programme and the "low value" returned for their Macs. "My basal exemplary M1 Pro trades successful astatine $725. 63.7% driblet successful worth successful a azygous generation. Not great," 1 Reddit idiosyncratic said. Another user, connected the flip side, shared however Apple gave them $700 past twelvemonth for an Intel-based 2016 MacBook.

I got $700 for my 2016 i7 past twelvemonth utilizing Apple commercialized in. Blew my caput I was capable to get thing for it. Used it to bargain a M1 Pro. Only deprecating 60% successful 6 years for a instrumentality that's fundamentally astatine the extremity of its life, was beauteous good. Looks similar Apple doesn't truly request utilized Apple Silicon, truthful the terms is simply a batch lower.

On the MacRumors forums, users are besides sharing their thoughts astir Apple's trade-in programme regarding Macs aft the motorboat of caller models. One idiosyncratic said Apple quoted them the aforesaid $970 worth for a 14-inch M1 MacBook Pro, portion a third-party offered astir $1,100.

The recognition Apple volition springiness you for trading successful an aged Mac depends connected respective factors, including its circumstantial configuration and condition. On its website, Apple offers a database of estimated trade-in values for its Mac lineup, quoting up to $670 for the MacBook Pro and up to $1,250 for the ‌Mac Pro‌.

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