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Jakarta   ●   Tue, January 17 2023

Last week, 2 lecturers, a pupil and a contented creator joined forces successful filing a judicial reappraisal question with the Constitutional Court successful their effort to region arguable provisions from the caller penal code, which they deem undemocratic arsenic they could pb to the imprisonment of radical for insulting a sitting president and the government.

It is not an exaggeration for america to suggest that the petition represents the voices and minds of the soundless bulk successful this country, who are concerned, adjacent frustrated, by the creeping regression of ideology successful the country. The caller Criminal Code, contempt the noble intentions of the drafters to decolonize the law, is 1 of the manifestations of this antiauthoritarian setback.

Specifically, the petitioners request that the tribunal annul articles 218, 219, 240 and 241.

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