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10% disconnected astatine Ebay for AMD's fastest gaming CPU for AM4 systems.

amd ryzen 7 5800x3d processor, shown successful its shiny cardboard box.

OK, this isn't fair. A week ago, I was genuinely excited that the Ryzen 7 5800X3D was down to £348 astatine Amazon. Now though, acknowledgment to a rogue 10% disconnected woody astatine Ebay, you tin prime up the aforesaid processor from Ebuyer's Ebay store for £306.

£306! That's a tiny terms for a CPU that launched past twelvemonth astatine an authoritative RRP of £429 and a real-life asking terms of £530. To get this reduced price, usage codification JAN10 astatine the checkout.

  • Get the AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D for £306 w/ codification JAN10 (was £530)

As we've covered the Ryzen 7 5800X3D not agelong ago, I'll rapidly rattle done the reasons it's worthy considering. First, this is the fastest gaming CPU (that volition ever exist) for the present end-of-life AM4 platform, which includes B550, X570 and older platforms too. If you person an earlier Ryzen model, accidental a 3600 oregon 3700X, this volition supply a monolithic boost to gaming show - successful immoderate titles, connected par with Ryzen 7000 which relies connected a marque caller AM5 socket, costly motherboards, higher powerfulness usage and DDR5 RAM to attain its results. To get akin show from a CPU that volition happily execute connected a inexpensive committee and with comparatively dilatory DDR4 (anything beyond DDR4-3200 is simply a bonus, thing beyond DDR4-3600 starts to deed diminishing returns) is benignant of magical.

To execute this, the 5800X3D uses a unsocial statement of L3 cache, which is stacked vertically - allowing AMD to acceptable 3 times arsenic overmuch arsenic the different nigh-identical Ryzen 5800X. The effect doesn't impact all games - CS:GO famously is somewhat slower connected the 5800X3D compared to the 5800X owed to its fractionally little clockspeeds - but astir each crippled volition tally faster acknowledgment to the other cache, and immoderate games substantially so. Often the 5800X3D volition travel betwixt the different Ryzen 5000 chips and the caller Ryzen 7000 lineup, sometimes tying it, and connected the Intel broadside of things the 5800X3D sometimes beats the overmuch much power-hungry and DDR5-equipped 12900K. Crazy.

(I don't deliberation the 5800X3D has seen an RPS review, truthful I volition link to my sum implicit astatine DF if you're funny successful the details.)

So - getting this level of show astatine conscionable implicit £300 is mega, particularly if you were different considering a marque caller system. This is simply a large mode to get much beingness retired of an existing AM4 PC, and adjacent coud beryllium justified arsenic a caller physique successful 2023.