Tech giant Fujitsu is actively exploring crypto services offering

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Fujitsu, nan Japanese exertion giant, has precocious made a important move, filing an exertion for a wide scope of banking, finance, and cryptocurrency-related services.

This world exertion institution has submitted a trademark exertion that covers a scope of financial services, including money exchange, securities trading, security brokerage, taxation planning, and cryptocurrency trading, according to accusation shared pinch Finbold by trademark lawyer Michael Kondoudis who specializes successful non-fungible token (NFT) and metaverse licensing, connected March 21.

The exertion filed connected March 16 signals that Fujitsu could beryllium seeking to grow its scope into nan banking, finance, and crypto sectors. The move is notable fixed Fujitsu’s stature arsenic a starring exertion institution and underscores nan increasing value of integer finance and cryptocurrencies successful nan broader discourse of technological innovation.

Fujitsu trademark applications. Source: Michael Kondoudis

The filing of this trademark exertion is apt to make sizeable liking and speculation successful nan tech manufacture arsenic manufacture insiders and analysts activity to discern Fujitsu’s intentions and imaginable strategies. As a starring subordinate successful nan tech sector, Fujitsu’s foray into nan world of integer finance and cryptocurrencies has nan imaginable to shingle up nan established players and reconfigure nan financial services manufacture landscape.

Fujitso moving to create Japan’s first quantum computer

It’s worthy pointing retired that backmost successful October, Finbold reported that nan tech elephantine Fujitsu is moving pinch Japan’s astir salient investigation institute Riken connected processing Japan’s first quantum computer.

Interestingly, this could conflict pinch Fujitsu’s exploring crypto services arsenic location are concerns complete what nan emergence of these new, much powerful computers could mean for nan cryptocurrency space arsenic we cognize it. There has been overmuch conjecture complete nan implications that caller developments successful quantum computing could person for cryptocurrencies specified arsenic Bitcoin. It mightiness beryllium utilized successful malicious practices, specified arsenic accessing Bitcoin wallets by cracking asymmetric encryption. 

Their fears were confirmed successful precocious January 2022 by scientists astatine Sussex University, who wrote successful a investigation insubstantial that it is anticipated that quantum computing will beryllium capable to break nan SHA-256 cryptographic algorithm and erode nan impenetrability of nan Bitcoin web wrong nan adjacent decade.