Advisory group wants city to take over Business Loop 70 in Columbia -

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A metropolis advisory radical that specializes successful issues affecting Downtown Columbia wants the Missouri Department of Transportation to relinquish power of Business Loop 70.

The Downtown Leadership Council made the petition successful a missive to the metropolis assembly dated Dec. 16 that is included successful the council's Tuesday gathering agenda. The point is listed connected the docket arsenic a report.

The Loop is neglected nether MoDOT's care, enactment assembly president Scott Wilson wrote.

"MoDOT prioritizes interstates and highways, truthful the Business Loop has seen minimal investments implicit the years," Wilson wrote. "This is not apt to alteration successful the future."

The Business Loop Community Improvement District has plans to marque improvements to this highly disposable entryway into the city, Wilson wrote. Those improvements, however, can't beryllium made without MoDOT's cooperation.

"The Business Loop CID has funded a nationalist readying process for the thoroughfare and has an approved program to upgrade the corridor, but they can't instrumentality it alone," Wilson wrote. "They tin service arsenic an progressive partner, but the metropolis is champion positioned to undertake needed infrastructure improvements."

The Business Loop CID was created successful 2015 and is funded with a income tax.

The thought would person to get authorities and section approval.


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