$AAL Stock Price Analysis Indicates 5% Decline in One Week

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AAL Stock

  • 1 Over nan past 5-days of trading, $AAL banal stock value went down by almost 5%.
  • 2 $AAL banal saw a important emergence of much than 20% successful nan past mates of months connected nan NASDAQGS.

American Airlines Group Inc. (NASDAQ:AAL) is simply a holding company. The institution engages successful nan cognition of a web bearer done its main wholly-owned mainline operating subsidiary, American. The patient is headquartered successful Fort Worth, Texas and offers aerial proscription for passengers and cargo.

On Thursday, nan institution announced that Greg Smith has been named independent Chairman of nan company’s Board of Directors. Smith will presume nan domiciled connected April 30th pursuing nan status of existent president and erstwhile American Airlines CEO Doug Parker. And nan longtime committee members Ray Robinson and Jim Albaugh will discontinue from nan committee astatine nan extremity of existent term.

$AAL banal value analysis

Last week, $AAL banal recorded its precocious astatine $16.83 and debased astatine $15.38. The banal closed astatine $15.56, pinch a diminution of astir 1.95% successful its stock price. The twelvemonth to day value study of $AAL banal shows an summation of astir 20%, according to nan information originated from Tradingview.

Source: AAL/USD by Tradingview

Revenue of nan institution for nan aforesaid play amounts to $13.19 cardinal contempt nan estimated fig of $13.07 billion. Estimated gross is expected to scope $12.24 billion.

Currently, nan marketplace headdress of AAL is $10.314 billion, while nan adjacent net day of American Airlines Group, Inc is April 20th and nan estimation is $0.01.

An study study connected AAL

According to Yahoo Finance, “American Airlines Group appears to beryllium costly arsenic per aggregate models, which makes a comparison betwixt nan company’s price-to-earnings ratio and nan manufacture average. In this instance, nan price-to-earnings (PE) ratio fixed that location is not capable accusation to reliably forecast nan stock’s rate flows.”

“American Airlines Group’s ratio of 79.72x is supra its adjacent mean of 19.78x, which suggests nan banal is trading astatine a higher value compared to nan Airlines industry,” arsenic mentioned successful nan study report. 

The study further noted that “American Airlines Group’s stock is reasonably volatile (i.e. its value movements are magnified comparative to nan remainder of nan market) this could mean nan value tin descend little and springiness investors different chance to bargain successful nan future.”


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