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Prince Harry’s book, Spare, has been getting a batch of attention. The Duke of Sussex reveals details astir the royal family and his idiosyncratic beingness that we ne'er thought we would hear.

So far, the palace has yet to merchandise a statement. Will their soundlessness wounded oregon help? Publicist Thomas Mustac spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet. Here’s what helium had to say.

Will the royal family’s soundlessness astir Prince Harry’s publication wounded their image?

King Charles, Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry locomotion together.King Charles, Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry | Stephen Pond/Getty Images

According to Mustac, a publicist for Otter Public Relations, the palace’s soundlessness could person a affirmative oregon antagonistic interaction connected the monarchy. Although immoderate mightiness presumption soundlessness arsenic a dignified response, others could presumption the deficiency of a connection arsenic King Charles being a anemic ruler. Another mode the king could grip this is by declaring enactment for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle without giving a elaborate statement.  

“This is simply a precise touchy taxable due to the fact that it tin spell 2 ways,” Mustac tells Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “First, if the king is strategically sitting backmost and waiting to spot the public’s opinion, this could amusement that helium has nary program and enactment him successful the presumption of looking similar a anemic ruler with nary power implicit his household life. However, the king could beryllium already making a statement, and the nationalist is unsighted to spot it.”

Mustac continues, “When remaining silent, helium could accidental that helium afloat supports Prince Harry and has thing to accidental regarding the matter. The precocious Queen Elizabeth would ever talk up if she didn’t similar something. If King Charles wants to beryllium a akin ruler, helium could beryllium showing america each his household emotion by stating past successful the household was precise twisted, but it’s clip to sermon it to determination on, and turn from the experiences.”

Silence ‘could beryllium a ticking disaster’ for the royal household says expert

Right now, the satellite is waiting to spot what King Charles’ effect volition be. Mustac says utilizing soundlessness arsenic harm power could bash much harm than good.

“If helium is utilizing it arsenic a situation effort to forestall much damage, past it could beryllium a ticking catastrophe that could elevate the concern to worse levels for him and the royal family,” says Mustac. “However, the satellite is watching, truthful it’s captious helium makes a connection soon earlier the nationalist paints its ain representation to makes its ain sentiment connected the matter.”

The royal family’s representation tin beryllium improved

The royal household has taken immoderate hits implicit the past mates of years. Many radical emotion the royals, but allegations made against them person affected however immoderate radical comprehend them. Mustac says it’s imaginable for the royal household to amended its image.

“If they are trying to amended their image, the champion proposal is for the king to springiness [the public] a voice,” says Mustac. “Despite the issues they had successful the past, Queen Elizabeth was the glue that kept this Jenga-style household from collapsing. She stood for her authorization and, similar immoderate different large person successful the mediate of a crisis, ne'er panicked successful the darkest times.”

Mustac says it volition beryllium important for the royal household members to enactment unneurotic truthful they tin resoluteness immoderate issues and unafraid the public’s trust. “They indispensable internally sermon their differences and enactment arsenic 1 connected the communal extremity of reimagining the royal household and however they privation it to beryllium seen and instrumentality to that connection truthful they tin convey the perfect representation and connection to the public.”

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