A Night to Shine for those with special needs, thanks to Tim Tebow Foundation

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The cheers. The flashing cameras. The encouraging words. The reddish carpet experience.

These are moments that those pinch typical needs seldom person nan opportunity to bask and yet they get to acquisition these moments done nan Tim Tebow Foundation’s yearly Night to Shine event. The evening is designed to springiness a prom acquisition centered connected God’s emotion to group pinch typical needs.

Friday nighttime was my first clip to speak astatine a Night to Shine arena and I watched nan nighttime unfold astatine Warren Baptist Church successful Augusta, Georgia, successful full amazement. This is not nan measurement that a nighttime retired connected nan municipality would typically spell for a personification pinch typical needs. 

Night to Shine, sponsored by nan Tim Tebow Foundation, unfolds astatine Warren Baptist Church successful Augusta, Georgia,

Night to Shine, sponsored by nan Tim Tebow Foundation, unfolds astatine Warren Baptist Church successful Augusta, Georgia,

A nighttime retired tin often travel pinch stares, hostility and rude comments from group passing by astatine a edifice aliases a store. They are seeing a nuisance – not a precious and valuable person.


I cognize those rude comments and stares each excessively well. I besides person typical needs. I was calved without either 1 of my arms. I execute mundane tasks for illustration writing, eating, driving aliases utilizing my cellphone – each pinch my feet. Yet, arsenic I task retired into nan world, I perpetually pull a heap of antagonistic attraction wherever I go. 

People person each sorts of questions arsenic to really I execute tasks pinch my feet. Some will opportunity that I americium gross aliases weird correct to my face. Others will effort to sneakily return a photograph of maine connected their telephone arsenic I eat astatine a edifice aliases salary for groceries astatine nan store.

Daniel Ritchie, a speaker and writer from Wake Forest, North Carolina, is simply a hubby and begetter of two.

Daniel Ritchie, a speaker and writer from Wake Forest, North Carolina, is simply a hubby and begetter of two.

This is not an uncommon acquisition to anyone pinch typical needs. People successful wheelchairs are each excessively acquainted pinch nan stares they elicit arsenic they spell from aisle to aisle astatine their section Walmart. There are those pinch typical needs who person loud, unexpected vocalizations that are met pinch shocked expressions and distasteful comments. The world does not spot aliases understand nan worthy of group for illustration us, but again that’s not a caller improvement either. 

Four years ago, location was a groundswell from nan Democratic Party to guarantee that babies pinch disabilities could beryllium aborted for immoderate logic from conception to commencement and moreover aft birth. There are galore successful our civilization who spot children pinch disabilities arsenic an inconvenience and not tin of surviving a afloat life. Their logic past leaps to, "Why should a life for illustration that beryllium calved anyways?"


I cognize that logic each excessively well. When I was calved arsenic an armless babe who was not breathing, nan expert asked my dad, "Do you want america to fto him go?" That mobility wreaked of "Why fuss pinch his armless life?" That was not nan past infinitesimal of guidance I faced erstwhile it came to my disability. 

The North Carolina nationalist schoolhouse strategy did not want to let maine to be schoolhouse extracurricular of typical acquisition people because they were convinced I could not support up pinch nan different students. The state of North Carolina did not want maine to return driver’s training because they were convinced I could not beryllium a safe driver while utilizing my feet to drive.

In nan aftermath of nan convictions of my transportation room expert and my section government, I person lived a life that has seen a precocious schoolhouse certificate pinch honors, 2 bachelor of arts degrees, a matrimony of 16 years, 2 astonishing kids and 1 life that is being lived to nan absolute fullest. 

My doubters and detractors did everything successful their powerfulness to rob maine of a life good lived – moreover from nan infinitesimal of my birth. Abortion minded doctors would person had nary rumor pinch snuffing retired a life for illustration mine. That is why we must proceed to advocator for life successful nan womb moreover successful a post-Dobbs world


There is simply a celebrated building successful nan pro-life world that declares that "every life has worth from nan womb to nan tomb." The measurement we ballot goes a agelong measurement successful ensuring that life is protected successful some nan womb from abortion and besides successful nan extremity stages of life from euthanasia. Political actions thief to guarantee nan sanctity of quality life astatine some nan opening and extremity of life, but that cannot beryllium nan sum of what it intends to beryllium wholly pro-life. 

The pro-life ethic is afloat lived retired erstwhile each group person nan opportunity astatine life while being capable to flourish successful that life. It is an ethic not excessively dissimilar to nan Founding Fathers erstwhile they sought for each men to person "life, liberty and nan pursuit of happiness."

What we spot successful Night to Shine is nan progressive activity of surviving retired nan "to" of nan pro-life ethic successful nan womb to tomb concept. Where nan world casts uncertainty connected nan worth of typical needs lives, Night to Shine actively shows group pinch typical needs that they are loved by God, their parents and truthful galore others who spot nan preciousness of their lives. In a world that seeks to return truthful overmuch from those pinch typical needs, location is simply a hopeless request for america to speak worth and emotion complete their lives.


Night to Shine gets it correct connected truthful galore levels. These group pinch typical needs are conscionable that - incredibly typical successful some nan eyes of God and successful our eyes. They request to perceive that worth and emotion proclaimed complete them because they do not person that benignant of encouragement from nan watching world. They request to consciousness safe and comfortable arsenic they task extracurricular their homes connected a nighttime for illustration this, but besides connected immoderate different nighttime of nan week. We person to make strides arsenic a civilization truthful that this tin beryllium much than conscionable 1 nighttime for group pinch typical needs to consciousness valuable and loved.

We person an astonishing opportunity to take sides and emotion these lives. We person a chance to watch these astonishing group shine. Take immoderate chance you person to springiness a personification pinch typical needs a nighttime – aliases moreover a passing infinitesimal – to shine.