A chill stop-motion Pokémon anime is coming to Netflix

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Netflix and The Pokémon Company are partnering up for a brand-new bid called Pokémon Concierge. The caller show, which will premiere successful 2023, will pat into a different broadside of nan Pokémon universe, and displacement distant from nan battling and catching of it all. Pokémon Concierge comes from Dwarf Studios, nan animation workplace down Netflix’s stop-motion anime Rilakkuma and Kaoru — truthful expect that aforesaid benignant of soft cuteness successful this caller series.

Pokémon Concierge follows a concierge named Haru who useful astatine nan Pokémon resort. This is, arsenic nan sanction implies, a edifice that caters to Pokémon. Haru will brushwood galore Pokémon guests and thief them pinch their edifice stays. The little teaser shows a small Psyduck waddling crossed a beach. If this show is thing for illustration Rilakkuma and Kaoru, it’ll beryllium a chill and perfectly adorable slice-of-life.

“We person a group of experts present successful Japan who are passionate astir uncovering and processing original stories present successful Japan that will excite audiences each complete nan world,” said Minyoung Kim, Netflix’s vice president of content, Asia Pacific (excluding India). “And we are dedicated to adapting fan-favorite stories and manga into bonzer shows.”

There is nary merchandise day presently group for Pokémon Concierge, but Kim promised that fans would spot nan show this year. As for further Pokemon shows, thing caller was revealed during nan Pokémon Presents presentation, but arsenic of past year, a caller live-action Pokémon series was besides successful nan activity astatine nan streamer. Check retired nan poster for The Pokémon Concierge below:

a redheaded female successful a tropical garment stands adjacent to a cheeky psyduck connected a beach. she shields her eyes from nan sun. adjacent to her is nan matter Pokémon Concierge. supra her are nan words I’m Happy When You’re Happy Image: Dwarf Studios/The Pokémon Company/Netflix