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With truthful galore forms of amusement astatine our disposal, 2 look to predominate this sphere — books, and movies. And if you harvester them, you get a batch of publication to movie adaptations — the eventual signifier of entertainment. However, not each publication adaptation becomes palmy successful the eyes of the audience. A publication to movie adaptation tin sometimes beryllium a flop, aforesaid with a series. The nonaccomplishment is usually the effect of the butchering of the archetypal communicative and atrocious originative decisions connected the filmmaker's side.

It’s nary concealed that immoderate books are overmuch longer than their adaptations. Some of the best publication to movie adaptations (TV amusement adaptations included) are ones that correctly usage the fixed material, cutting retired the boring parts, and leaving lone the amusive oregon astir important ones. But not everyone tin bash it. Many atrocious movies based connected books travel the archetypal worldly missive to letter. An adaptation similar this removes the full originative broadside of the film, making the last merchandise consciousness a spot bland.

If you privation an adaptation to beryllium a container bureau smash, you person to recognize the deeper discourse of the book. Books made into movies and shows person to beryllium existent to the main thought that the writer wrote. If the communicative is astir consumerism, the ocular contented has to showcase it intelligibly and loudly. Books being made into movies usually go victims of misunderstanding and incorrect originative decisions. A batch of irrelevant worldly is added, which tin person an adverse interaction connected the story.

And information to beryllium told, determination person been a batch of books turned into movies and TV shows that aren’t connected par with the archetypal material. Since the net is afloat of polarizing opinions (looking astatine you, Twitter), idiosyncratic asked connected AskReddit the question we are each anxious to reply — “Which movie oregon TV adaptation is the biggest letdown for you?” Scroll down and upvote the reply you hold with the most. If you cognize immoderate much atrocious TV shows oregon movies based connected books, permission a remark below.

"Yep. They didn't person capable worldly for 3 movies. It felt stretched. Like not capable food implicit excessively overmuch bread."

amazon.com , edgarpickle Report

"The Percy Jackson movie  It's atrocious capable the casting and effects were sub par  But changing the communicative wholly aft enactment 1 truly soured my enjoyment. The changes weren't that bully either.  Hoping the streaming bid is better."

amazon.com , Jai137 Report

"The Witcher. Characters are each portrayed truly good but they've perfectly butchered the communicative beyond comprehension. Honestly id beryllium good with changes if the effect ended up bully but the latest play was conscionable a gradual descent into atrocious tropey penning and reliance connected unimpressive cgi monster fights."

netflix.com , Leiwaan Report

"Anne With an E connected Netflix is truthful depressing and dull. It has astir thing successful communal with Anne of Green Gables but for quality names and setting, honestly. I hated it. At slightest we person the 1985 TV movie that is simply a overmuch much faithful adaptation!"

amazon.com , thatweirdvintagegirl Report

"This a classical illustration of a mediocre adaptation. It was not simply antithetic from the book: it virtually didn't clasp unneurotic arsenic a story. My hubby and I went to spot the film, and past we went to dinner, wherever I spent the full speech explaining each the parts of the movie that didn't marque consciousness for anyone who hadn't work the book."

imdb.com , Midwestern_Childhood Report

"I watched the movie precocious and what a mess. The kids particularly the boys were truthful severely directed and they chopped retired the twins. I besides can't basal Oprah owed to her monolithic ego."

amazon.com , Serafirelily Report

"I volition ne'er retrieve from the adaptations of publication 5 and 6. I retrieve being 12-14 and appalled. Don’t adjacent privation to effort to revisit those movies now, I’d beryllium adjacent harsher."

amazon.com , ParadiseEva Report

"Hitchhikers usher to the postulation ranks beauteous precocious due to the fact that of the delta betwixt however fantastic the books are and however horrible the film."

amazon.com , Callero_S Report

"Should ne'er person adjacent been adapted successful the archetypal place. The color-blindness twist is truthful satisfying erstwhile you work it arsenic a kid, and fundamentally intolerable to construe to movie by its precise nature."

amazon.com , snakeantlers Report

"Fahrenheit 451. As idiosyncratic who knows each connection of that book, and who besides loves Michael B. Jordan, that movie conscionable hurt. I couldn’t marque it 10 minutes."

amazon.com , RegionDowntown1474 Report

"The Dark Tower bid by Stephen King. They compressed 7 books into 1 movie. Needless to say, each ambiance and consciousness with the characters and communicative disappeared. I'll spell work the books again."

amazon.com , Remobamse Report

"Do comic storylines count? If yes, the monumental Dark Phoenix Saga has been butchered doubly by Fox. Like, why?! The happening is the full arc can't beryllium impeccably delivered successful conscionable a azygous movie. It should person been a trilogy oregon something."

amazon.com , Cute-Paint9697 Report

"A Series of Unfortunate Events. To beryllium ace wide I loved the caller Netflix show; it yet did that bid immoderate justice, and Neil Patrick Harris was incredible, successful my opinion. But the archetypal movie (with Jim Carrey) from my puerility was specified a large letdown and astir apt the archetypal clip I felt truly betrayed by thing similar that. Those books were so, truthful incredibly important to maine increasing up, and that movie was a travesty. Jim Carrey was an absorbing choice, and I consciousness similar helium was susceptible of doing it right, but the full happening conscionable came disconnected truthful silly. And combining the archetypal 3 books into 1 confusing and sloppy movie... Just like, why? It's similar they knew they'd ne'er get the accidental to archer the remainder of the story, truthful they conscionable slapped unneurotic what they could and said, 'Eff it — we'll bash it live.'"

amazon.com , hippo7312 Report

"I hatred however dumbed down Moiraine was connected the show. She was conscionable moving astir reacting to things alternatively of the spymaster and strategist she was successful the books. Book Moiraine knew things and her top spot was besides her top flaw. She felt she had to power everything astir herself. She's 1 of my favourite characters successful the publication and they turned her into a generic, armwavy magic lady.

Not to notation each of the acceptable pieces that were changed oregon omitted that is going to alteration the extremity of the story. I get it's a antithetic medium, but they didn't adjacent try."

imdb.com , RPBN Report

"I deliberation the movies, particularly the first, are genuinely bully connected their own. As Reacher movies however, they are terrible. Was truly pleased with the show."

amazon.com , TheUnrepententLurker Report

"I’m truthful gladsome idiosyncratic other was arsenic disappointed I’m Ready Player One arsenic I was! My hubby didn’t get it truthful I made him perceive to the audiobook. Just similar wherefore marque truthful galore changes, the publication was truthful rich!"

amazon.com , cmarie2949 Report

"I loved the Eoin Colfer publication bid Artemis Fowl. I adjacent had The Artemis Fowl Files and the comic remake from the archetypal book, truthful I was precise excited to spot my favourite antihero main quality successful a movie adaptation. So yeah, let's not speech astir the Artemis Fowl movie... I'll spell re-read the books instead."

imdb.com , Beatboxjunkie Report

"I was coming present to spot if anyone other had mentioned Earthsea. I person nary words for however unspeakable the Syfy transmission mentation was and past the Ghibli version...ugh. I privation it could get a due adaptation."

imdb.com , geckospots Report

"The archetypal ending had near maine successful tears. It besides seemed rather fitting for the story. She was calved for her, and astatine the end, erstwhile she died, it was besides for her. The movie wholly ruined it and made it thing that tin beryllium predicted by everyone, whilst the publication ending took maine by surprise."

amazon.com , No-Yelloq1221 Report

"That movie was tragic! I was virtually scrolling to find this. My friends and I were SO obsessed with Gail Carson Levine and that movie was specified a miserable, silly letdown."

amazon.com , hippo7312 Report

"That was my archetypal acquisition with a atrocious adaptation to a beloved book. I was truthful huffy they near truthful overmuch retired - similar I cognize it’s 1 movie and the publication is stacked af, but don’t region the full past of however the vampires came to beryllium to unit successful a romance that was ne'er adjacent hinted astatine successful the book, sincee they interacted for specified seconds and without truly talking. The soundtrack, and Aliyah, deserved better."

amazon.com , mamasilverside Report

"Annihilation was a fto down for me. They omitted rather a fewer things that I was looking guardant to seeing adapted successful the movie. They adjacent omitted the crushed wherefore it is called annihilation!"

amazon.com , averageordinaryguy Report

"I did not bask the movie adaptation of The Lovely Bones. The publication was truthful acheronian and sad, and it seemed similar they wanted the movie to beryllium aimed for a younger audience, perhaps? This is simply a hard task for a communicative that starts retired the mode it does."

amazon.com , thisismen0w Report

"The Beach. The publication is AMAZING but the movie is conscionable horrible. Probably due to the fact that it wholly omitted 1 of my favourite characters from the book."

amazon.com , Indotex Report

"The Time Traveler’s Wife. They took a dark, bittersweet communicative with 2 precise analyzable characters and made it a boring, sappy romance. Family is simply a immense taxable successful the book, and that isn’t determination astatine each successful the movie. Loss and grief are immense successful the book, not successful the movie. And tons of references to punk civilization and the Chicago of the '80s and '90s…not determination successful the movie."

amazon.com , xtheredberetx Report

"The Dark Is Rising by Susan Cooper. They turned it into a movie called The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising. Just blatant commercialization: Give it a drawback phrase, marque a franchise, and churn retired tons of mindless crap. I was bittersweet that Eccleston was successful it."

amazon.com , hypolimnas Report

"Under the Dome by Stephen King. It's not my favourite publication by him by immoderate means (wtf that ending), but I inactive enjoyed it and was funny successful the tv bid erstwhile it came out. Nonsensical changes, mediocre acting, the works. I didn't ticker Season 2 and can't accidental I was astatine each amazed it was canceled."

amazon.com , kefkas_head_cultist Report

"It was 1 of my favourite bid erstwhile I was younger. I get wherefore they tried to harvester 3 books into 1 movie. But it would person been amended arsenic a darker benignant of Mini series."

amazon.com , markishstephen Report

"True Blood ever comes to mind. I loved however it started. The archetypal fewer seasons were mostly faithful, and adjacent with the changes it was inactive good. But it started to spell downhill successful Season 4 with however they treated the witches storyline, and past from Season 5 and onwards it was wholly unrecognizable from the books. I inactive mourn what it could person been due to the fact that during the archetypal fewer seasons, I considered it 1 of my apical favourite shows."

amazon.com , Vildtoring Report

"I loved the publication Pet Sematary by Stephen King, and the 1989 movie (I haven’t seen the newer one) was implicit garbage."

amazon.com , ChiTownStig Report

"Legends of Ga'Hoole (based connected Guardians of Ga'Hoole) they made a batch of pointless and unnecessary changes to the world, lore, and characters, which was adjacent much baffling erstwhile they already spot disconnected much than they could chew by deciding to cram the archetypal 3 books into 1 film. Turning Otulissa into a brushed spoken, shy, "girl adjacent door" was particularly heinous. The selling excessively was implicit "genius". They made it look similar a light-hearted kids film, wholly going against the code of the series, portion the existent movie was rather dark; existent to the bid tone, but scaring the crap retired of the kids they tricked into coming to spot it. It conscionable showed they had zero religion successful the root worldly and its ain audience, successful which case... wherefore marque a movie astatine all?"

amazon.com , QuietRage_Maple Report

"The Dresden Files TV series. Continuity errors successful the communicative due to the fact that episodes were broadcast retired of order. Trying to crush an full novel, Storm Front, into a little than 1 hr (when counting commercials) occurrence and failing. I volition ne'er not beryllium disappointed that Dresden's car successful the books, a Volkswagen Beetle named the Blue Beetle successful the books (a non-sentient quality successful its ain right), changed to a Jeep for the TV series. I deliberation Paul Blackthorne arsenic Dresden deed it connected the chemoreceptor with his looks and performance. The actors portraying the characters of Lt. Murphy and Warden Morgan did a large occupation capturing the essence of the books characters. But looked antithetic from the carnal descriptions of the characters successful the publication series. I'm good with this. For me, the extremity effect was The Dresden Files TV bid coming crossed arsenic being okayed by the powers that be, but without a wide and coherent way for the series."

amazon.com , Nmyownworld Report

"Foundation. Loved the books, and had precocious hopes for the series, particularly aft the archetypal ep. Then, consecutive into the toilet. Why movie an "adaptation" that has astir thing to bash with the root material? So disappointing."

imdb.com , Freeagnt Report

"Came present to accidental this too. I don’t recognize wherefore they person to unreserved done everything erstwhile there’s truthful overmuch worthy exploring. it had imaginable but conscionable didn’t instrumentality its clip gathering the satellite oregon the characters. I didn’t similar the archetypal adaptation either."

imdb.com , International_Foot Report

"A Discovery of Witches. I didn't adjacent marque it past the archetypal episode. I had conscionable started re-reading the books erstwhile idiosyncratic mentioned that determination was unrecorded bid that had conscionable released. Didn't adjacent marque it past the archetypal episode."

amazon.com , logosloki Report

"Honestly, it’s prob easier to sanction 1 that didn’t disappoint but if I person to prime the 1 I hated the most, it’s the Aurora Teagarden mysteries. The books are truthful bully and past Hallmark sucked each the quirk retired of the characters and plots. The acting is truthful unspeakable and bland."

amazon.com , tilbib Report

"It made maine question if I adjacent work the publication oregon conscionable skimmed it. So, I reread the publication and inactive loved it. The movie was conscionable boring."

imdb.com , reddit.com Report

"Timeline. They took my favourite Michael Crichton publication and perfectly butchered it truthful severely that Michael Crichton refused to licence immoderate much movies based connected his novels."

amazon.com , Fred_the_skeleton Report

"Netflix's instrumentality connected Jane Austen's Persuasion. I endured 10 minutes of it. Then again, it's Netflix's. I did it to myself."

netflix.com , zoejdm Report

"Inkheart. I loved the communicative of a antheral with specified a beautiful, melodic dependable that the stories helium told came to life. No hatred but that is not Brendan Fraser. Not to notation they changed the crippled truthful overmuch that they couldn't person done the sequels if they wanted."

amazon.com , Infamous_Kangaroo_93 Report

"Misery was wide a bully movie and a large show by Kathy Bates, but truthful overmuch of the publication was the protagonist’s interior monologue and the caller helium was penning portion being held hostage, and the movie couldn’t seizure that."

amazon.com , FeministSkeleton Report

"In The Man successful the High Castle, Philip K. Dick presented the astir chilling alternate past of World War II wherever the Axis powers win. There's a heavy but precise understandable fearfulness successful however the caller does not hinge connected immoderate plucky state fighters, due to the fact that overturning the caller Nazi satellite bid conscionable isn't conceivable. Rather, the publication is astir hopeless humanity nether triumphant fascism and however that shapes what is and is not possible. The Amazon Prime bid based connected the publication is astir plucky state fighters overturning the caller Nazi satellite order. It is implicit garbage for morons."

amazon.com , scythianlibrarian Report

"Altered Carbon. They got the look and ambiance of the book, but diverged connected each different count. The publication was built astir themes of anti-imperialism and anti-capitalism, the amusement homogenized everything and stripped retired everything contrary to the establishment. Not lone that but due to the fact that they savaged and mashed unneurotic 3 books of plots and characters into 1 season, they kinda changeable themselves successful the ft for doing immoderate much seasons, arsenic evidenced by the limp 2nd season."

amazon.com , raven00x Report

"Sum of each fears. It is not precise complex, not precise bully but trashy entertainment., and the precocious powerfulness adaptation made it generic and boring."

amazon.com , Sea_Entrepreneur6204 Report

"I couldn't hold much connected No Exit. It's the publication that got maine into reading. I was truthful blessed erstwhile I saw that they did the movie. But it was implicit trash."

amazon.com , ContractNo7803 Report

"There was a batch I liked astir the changes to Station Eleven (Jeevan and Kirsten staying unneurotic longer was truly lovely), but I truly hatred the changes they made to Tyler’s plot. I didn’t privation redemption for him and shoehorning it successful didn’t enactment astatine all."

amazon.com , EgoFlyer Report

"The publication was SO GOOD! I work it arsenic a teen and erstwhile they yet made a movie astir it I was truthful stoked! And wow, what a canine of a film... I garbage to ticker it ever again."

amazon.com , behemuthm Report

"Johnny Mnemonic was truthful profoundly disappointing. What made it worse was that seemingly William Gibson was progressive successful the production."

amazon.com , OlderThanMyParents Report

"I precocious watched Joel Coen’s adaptation of Macbeth and it made maine precise unhappy. The cinematography was beauteous and I recovered Kathryn Hunter’s mentation of the Weird Sisters arsenic a benignant of gestalt consciousness inhabiting a azygous assemblage to beryllium absorbing but Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand arsenic Macbeth and Lady Macbeth were conscionable awful."

imdb.com , gauveyn Report

"Catch 22. It's my favourite book. The OG movie is good I guess. Was truthful stoked for the mini series. George Clooney nailed it successful his archetypal occurrence -he's evidently work and understood the damn thing- but it was similar the directors sat him down and said "No George, you can't beryllium implicit the top. This ain't a comedy" due to the fact that the remainder of his scenes were a bore. They sucked each the acheronian wit creaseless retired of it. Again."

amazon.com , SusanxStrange Report

"The Longmire Series by Craig Johnson. The TV bid has truthful small successful communal with the books, they should person called it thing else. The TV bid has nary humor, nary absorbing characters, nary intersexual innuendo, fewer affirmative depictions of the Indians, nary alteration of seasons, and frankly, precise small to urge it. And present that I callback specifics, the worst happening was erstwhile Lucian (a pugnacious as-steel Doolittle raider determination betwixt 90 and 100 years aged with 1 leg) runs and jumps disconnected a cliff committing suicide. Preposterous!!!"

amazon.com , ScratchMorton Report

"Sword of Truth Series, the books were alright up until astir publication 6, but the TV show, I person NO thought wherever they were going with it and it was a laughable messiness close from the get go."

amazon.com , gveltaine Report

"When Jurassic Park came out, I work the publication archetypal and the movie didn’t travel close. Never did ticker the movie each the mode through."

amazon.com , Intrepid_Call_5254 Report

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